Church Notices




Dates for the Diary  

8 January - Tuesday - 19.30 -  House Group at 5 Dalewood Drive.

9 January - Wednesday - 19.30 - Resources Committee

10 January - Thursday -  09.00  Prayer meeting.
10 January - Thursday - 19.30  Banner Group

General Notices 

If you had a real Christmas tree and would like it shredding for recycling, you can take it along to Abbey Lane School on Saturday 12th January between 10.00 and 15.00, where St Chad’s Scouts will be happy to do this for you, for a contribution of £2 (or more, in this season of Gladness and Generosity!) towards Group funds.

Please collect your copy of the January 2019 Clarion from the rack in the Church Porch. If you do not currently have a personalized copy of the Clarion, and would like to do so, please have a word with Michael or Glyn, and you can be added to the list. There is no charge for the Clarion   .

Please save your Christmas cracker jokes for Glyn, for the January Clarion.

If you would like to donate to Open House the Christian Coffee Shop please contact

Flower Rota -  Please note there are still lots of blank spaces on the flower rota! Please add your name if you wish to donate flowers.

Envelope Giving Scheme  Packs of envelopes for the Envelope Giving Scheme, are available from Christine Gagan. Please enquire from her if you are not part of the scheme but would like to join. 

Foodbank at Gleadless. The Food Bank wish to say thank you for the contributions from Woodseats over recent months. However they are still appealing  for contributions to the Foodbank. There is a box and list of items required in the porch (as well as the list below).If you can continue to supply any of the items, the families in financial difficulties will be most grateful. 

Notes for use of Church Premises 

Please note that it is essential for any group or individual that wishes to use any of the Church's accommodation to contact the Booking Secretary on 07437 353 109. This is to avoid inadvertent double booking of the same room.

When organising a meeting can you please ensure that the Bookings Secretary is made aware of the date & time, particularly if the meeting takes place in the evening. If the meeting is to take place in a room on the lower floor please also advise Wendy, manager of the pre-school. Will the organiser of such meetings  please arrange for the rooms to be left in the state in which they were found - clean & tidy & ready for the next user.

Please help with economies by ensuring lighting & heating are not left on when not required.

Please ensure all food waste, including teabags, are disposed of at the end of the meeting. (There is a black bin near the Linburn Road entrance that can be used for this purpose). Other waste will be disposed of by the Premises Steward on a regular basis.

There is a plastic box in the kitchen that is reserved for used glass and plastic bottles only. Please do not use it for discarded plastic bags, or broken glass or ceramics. 

Thank you,

Church Resources Committee